The 45 or so villages of Zagori were interconnected by mountain roads and traditional arched stone bridges until modern roads were opened in the 1950s. The stone arched bridges were built by benefactions from expatriate merchants in the 18th century and replaced older wooden bridges.

Bridges were essential for keeping trade routes open and Zagoria is uniquely blessed with these graceful, stone structures. There are many lovely, single-arched bridges but the Kalogeriko Bridge near Kipi is especially beautiful with three arches. These old bridges are very narrow and only a low ridge marks their edges.

The most famous bridges are:

- Bridge of Plakidas or Kalogeriko

- Bridge of Kokoris or Noutsos

- Bridge of Kontodimos or Lazaridis

- Bridge of Kamber Agas

- Bridge of Klidonia or Voidomatis

- Bridge of Misios

- Bridge of Tsipiani

- Bridge of Milos